Natural Flooring is generally perceived to consist of products manufactured in Seagrass, Sisal, Coir, Jute or Cork. However, wool is also a natural product and should be considered when choosing “natural flooring”.

At Parsons Carpet & Flooring Specialists, we offer a wide range of Natural flooring. We have been supplying and fitting these types of flooring for several years and have gained the knowledge and experience to ensure these products are selected, installed and maintained correctly. Failure to follow special guidelines when using natural flooring can result in a floor that looks awful and does not perform as expected.

Below, are some of the different types of natural flooring that we supply and install. Click on each for more information:

When people think of “natural flooring” they typically mean natural fibres. Strictly speaking, natural flooring is, in fact, any flooring made from 100% natural and renewable products.
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