We believe that our knowledge of this product is second to none. We have a great working relationship with Karndean (based in Evesham) and our fitters have all completed Karndean training courses. Combined with years of experience with Karndean, we are confident that we can compete with the best in the UK.

Karndean flooring is an excellent product, which can be used to create a bespoke floor, individually designed for each customer. Karndean can be used in any environment (particularly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens) and provides a distinctive designer feel to any room while offering a durable, robust and low maintenance solution that can last for up to 20 years!

For example, you can replicate the natural look of wood or ceramic tiles without the drawback of maintenance that these products often require. More importantly, you will be surprised at the value for money Karndean offers. Additionally, Karndean flooring is much more hygienic than other flooring because stone and real wood floors can accumulate dirt and bacteria because of their porous structure. Karndean flooring is not made from porous material making grime or any other microbes impossible to build up. This makes a Karndean floor the ideal floor for family or friends with allergies or health concerns.

Smooth flooring prevents the ‘house dust mite’ from harbouring on the floor. This leads to a
healthier living environment particularly for those with asthmatic or similar respiratory complaints.
You will soon realise that the possibilities with Karndean flooring are vast. No other type of
flooring on the market offers so wide a variety of uses and options.

Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, minimalist or elaborate, you can be confident
that with over 100 colours and designs to choose from, you will find the perfect floor for your home.

Like many smooth flooring products, it is the finish of the sub floor that is critical to the finished result. Parsons Carpet & Flooring Specialists are experts in sub floor preparation. So, whether you have a concrete or wooden sub floor base, we have the expertise to ensure that this is prepared in line with the standards required for fitting Karndean flooring. That means that you can sit back, relax and be confident that we will take care of the whole job from preparation to completion.

We would be delighted to hear from you with an enquiry regarding Karndean flooring. Contact us for free advice or to arrange a free, no obligation consultation.

For more information about Karndean visit: www.karndean.co.uk

In comparison to most natural floors like Hardwood and alternative design flooring brands, you will find that Karndean stands out as the affordable option.

Karndean flooring may seem a relatively new product to most people. However, at Parsons Carpet & Flooring Specialists, we have been supplying and fitting Karndean for years.