The success of our business is certainly down to the calibre of the people that work as part of the business. We are a very close knit team that work extremely well together.

Collectively, we have all the knowledge, skills and expertise required to provide you with the level of service you’d expect from a leading flooring specialist.

We spend much time on the training and development of our team. This ensures that customers can relax in the knowledge that they have a fully trained and experience member of our team fitting their chosen flooring.

We receive countless letters and emails from customers who compliment us on our team from the very start of the process until the final fitting of flooring. Referrals and customer feedback is a key part of our business and helps us to know that we are meeting consistently high standards of service. See our Customer Testimonials page for more detail.

Take a look at this short video that summarises the best things about our team

Additional support

We like to be in full control of who does our work. That’s why the 99% of our work is managed by our own internal team. However, there are some instances where a job may be very large and we need additional support.

We have very good relationships with other flooring experts that help us from time to time. We have built up great relationships with a selection of other highly skilled fitters that have worked with us many times in the past. We ensure that they are the right calibre of person to work alongside us and we always manage all of the jobs they support us on.

We also work very closely with some other key trades such as plumbers, carpenters and electricians. Quite often (if customers prefer), we will bring in their services to ensure every part of the flooring installation is managed by ourselves. That saves the customer time, energy and cost trying to arrange other trades around us. For example, we may have to have a w/c removed to fit a certain type of flooring. We can manage and coo-ordinate directly with our own plumbers to ensure a completely streamlined and managed job.