At Parsons Flooring we can supply and install carpet tiles to suit every location and budget. Carpet tiles are ideal for any heavy-traffic areas, such as corridors and offices. They are durable and hardwearing, as well as being available in a range of designs to suit your taste. We source from the best and most trusted suppliers in the industry including: Desso, Milliken, Heuga, Interface and Burmatex.

Carpet Tile Suitability

Carpet tiles are suitable for a wide range of environments due to their durability and ease to install. They work well for large commercial flooring projects in offices and public spaces. They are easy to remove, making them particularly ideal in situations of damage – as you only have to replace a single or a few tiles, rather than buy a brand-new carpet to cover the entire space. They come in a variety of styles and colour and can be particularly good when matching corporate themes.

Why Carpet Tiles Are A Good Choice For Offices?

Offices have a lot of foot traffic and, as such, it’s a good idea to include a plan for refurbishment at regular intervals, at the cheapest cost possible to your organisation. As carpet tiles cover such small areas, these are easily replaceable when they become dirty or worn. . They are anti-static and cope particularly well with castor wheeled chairs.