We are specialists in the whole area of Sub Floor Preparation. We use the industries most advanced products and train with the industry’s leading suppliers of sub floor products.

When planning your new floor you need to give it the best start in life by having a sub-floor that is to the correct specification for your chosen floor covering.

The sub-floor is the flooring immediately below the floor covering and is made of concrete, wood or chipboard/plywood. Preparing the sub floor to have your new flooring laid is critical It effects the final appearance and performance of your floor covering.

Parsons Carpet & Flooring Specialists advise on any sub-floor work required in our estimations. Each supplier has a standard they recommend and we work to these standards looking at the moisture, humidity and any contamination which will affect adhesion as well as making sure the surface is smooth and dry. The type of floor you are having fitted will determine the level of sub-floor required; Karndean, vinyls and wood flooring need a smoother surface than carpet for instance.

As part of our free design planning and estimating service, we will perform a survey on your sub flooring (where required) and advise you on what work may be required with associated costs.